Dr Driving Tips & tricks To Become A Pro

With so many new games on the app market, we try to play against our friends and become the winner amongst them all! One of your favorite games; Dr. Driving is a fun and unique game where you get to choose your own goal, choose a car and then try and accomplish your own set goal. However, to beat the scores of other competing players, you will need a few Dr. Driving tricks and tips to get you ahead. You can also check out the Dr driving Mod apk for Android to get unlimited gold coins.

Here are a few Dr. Driving tricks and tips that can help you beat all the competition around you and become a professional Dr. Driving player!

Dr Driving Tips & Tricks To Become A Pro

  1. How to collect more coins

As you play the game and collect more and more coins on your way, you can spend these coins in the game to buy better looking and better-performing cars. So how can you collect more coins along the game?

Pick the easiest mission; the Fast Highway mission. Now as you play this mission, weave your way through the traffic and pick up as many coins as possible.


  1. How to beat the drifting stage

With a few Dr. driving tricks and tips, you can beat the drift stage easily too! All you have to do is drive down the middle intersection. Now, all you need to do is crank your wheel to the extreme side as you hit the accelerator to reach top speeds. Spin confidently down the road as you hit your goal. Remember to keep moving so other cars do not hit you. Do this and you will top your drift bar time with ease!


  1. Earn more free coins

Dr Driving mod apk

Dr Driving mod apk

In this game, you want to earn as many coins as possible so you can spend them on new cars. Well, one of the easiest ways to earn more coins completely free, is to connect your Dr. Driving game to Facebook. This one simple move will get you lots of free coins which you can use easily in the Dr. Driving game!


  1. Drive slow when it is asked for

Dr. Driving is a great simulation game which allows you to drive just like you would in the real world. In certain missions, you will need to drive slowly and stay behind cars. Your goal should be to save as much fuel as possible in these fuel efficiency missions. Keep in mind that you must not race against time or against other players in this challenge. Instead, drive slow and save your gasoline. This kind of a challenge will help you gain silver coins which you can use for other things in the game!


  1. Don’t be impulsive when spending your coins

One of the biggest mistakes players can make in the game Dr. Driving is spending all their coins on useless upgrades. The silver coins which you earn can be spent on upgrading your cars instead of buying new cars. The best thing to do in this case would be to upgrade the sturdiness and durability of your car, instead of spending it on other upgrades. This simple upgrade will make your car stronger, helping you last though the tougher challenges in the game with ease.


  1. Complete daily assignments

On Dr. Driving, you will be given 11 daily missions to complete for a big reward. Complete all of these and win some good cash on the game! If you are able to complete the assignments you can win rubies, which are a big currency in this game!

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Use these very simple Dr. Driving tricks and tips and become a pro driver on the game. Beat all of your friends and compete against other people playing all over the world. Using these simple tips, you can soon be known as the Dr. Driving champion!


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