Games Like Dr Driving To Improve Your Driving Skills

Dr Driving created by SUD Inc is a straightforward and uncomplicated driving game. Not similar to their adrenaline pumping racing games, this game is all about driving correctly, parking correctly and managing traffic efficiently. You will find many hurdles in between with your task being able to reach the destination efficiently and park without any trouble. So if this game has got you intrigued and you are on a lookout for some games similar to this kind, you have an array Choice in Play Store and App Store. We have put up a list of games similar to Dr.Driving to get your gaming spirit racing. You can also check out Dr driving Mod Apk if you are into unlimited gold coins.

Dr Driving 2

Dr Driving 2

Alternative Games Like Dr Driving For Android & iOS 2018

A parking simulator game created by Claus, in this game its stimulations were felt very realistic. In this game, you need to get your hands dirty on your parking skill. You will Have to overcome obstacles all the way and achieve quality parking in a short time. With the inside of the car on the screen, you will have realistic things of everything in a vehicle along with drive and reverse options. With the target being perfect parking you will sure love this game.


Well, no one finds parking their car easy. This Parking simulator game brings about many levels and features with different levels to improve your parking skills. This game is very addictive and will take you to heights testing your parking skill. You need to use buttons to navigate your car, or you can also use virtual steering wheel depending on your console. You also get to customise your vehicle and enjoy various levels with low to high complexity.


This game is all about getting your adrenaline pumping. You will be given different tasks like run away from a bank robbery in a car, save a bus full of passengers, run away from police or catch criminals. With hurdles in between like filling gas and detour you will have to complete your task successfully. Having some amazing graphics and creative levels this game is sure to keep your intrigued.


Learn to drive efficiently in this game. This game throws out the opportunity for you to test your driving skills elegantly and neatly. With many levels and a realistic school as the target, you will have to make a car, truck, bus or any vehicle and reach the target school within the given time following all the rules and regulations. With great graphics, strict regulations and enthralling levels, this game is sure to keep you engaged.


Being one of the most entertaining games in this field, Hill climb racing puts you behind the driver seat of most vehicles where you have to finish the level route given to you without falling over. Similar to the first edition in this series you have a gas pedal and a brake to monitor your car. You also get to upgrade your vehicle in between races. With improved and amazing visual graphics, different tracks and routed this game is even more addicting.


Beach buggy racing is similar to that of Mario Kart racing. But here you will ride your kart in exciting tracks like beaches, deserts and jungles. Inclined more like an adventure oriented game, you need to control your buggy to reach the destination. The buggy kart will keep moving, all you have to do is steer the buggy in the right direction without hitting the hurdle and reaching the final spot before your rival does. This entertaining game will earn you points with which you can upgrade your vehicle as you like.


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